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    Simulation excellence for consumers, corporations and governmental institutions. read more

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  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    The product line of Rolesia.com has been expanded to cover your requirements. We offer a free version, a professional payed version for all who want to support us. We offer a group version for corporate customers and a customizable version for institutional customers. Please contact our sales here

  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    An intuitive platform to simulate year by year based on over 130 macroeconomic variables. read more

  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    Powerful market engine including an integrated stock market, interest rates, inflation drill-down, treasury bonds, oil, gold, and many more variables. Come and take a peek inside the simulation

  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    To better undestand your expenditure and revenue positions the simulator must regularly monitor the overall budget situation. Find the variable positions here

  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    Demographic changes are very slow but potential time bombs for any nation. Rolesia.com includes all age groups, a demographic tree and many overall statistics. read more

  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    The Federal Reserves or local Central Bank will be keeping an eye on you and automatically intervening when necessary. As a professional customer you can decide to adjust interest rates and apply quantitative measures if necessary.
    Furthermore, Analysts will be monitoring every step you take and will not be shy to warn you! read more

  • Macroeconomic Simulation Portal


    Welcome to the coaching area for corporate customers! Here you can allocate users within your dedicated domain. You define how many simulating trainees you need within your group. Each simulator will compete on the basis of the baseline and starting point in 1980 and the same group-external factors and without random variables. The coach can follow the progress of each and all users and prepares them for the next simulation cycle - which in Rolesia.com is the new year. read more


Simulation & More

All about the simulation.

Rolesia.com 2.0 is a web-based macroeconomic simulation which has been in development since 2003 and live since December 2014. Rolesia.com includes a free, fun and strategic economy web simulation for all who enjoy strategy economy games or simulations, and for all wishing to discover and understand the policy tools on offer to Governments and Central Banks around the world. The purpose of the software is to help the world-wide population understand the complexity of the world economy, and also to understand the power behind governments’ fiscal and the central banks’ economic monetary policies. Helping to improve the world population’s knowledge is a small contribution towards empowering the people of this planet and strengthening democracy. The simulation can be perceived as an economy game based on a virtual economy.

A complex algorithm environment based on 137 macroeconomic variables, improved graph technology, various products including our new multi-tenant version (including coaching and multi user competitive use-cases) for companies, consultancies or government institutions to cover the demand from all types of customers - from strategists to consultants to governmental institutions to students and mostly for all fascinated with the complexity behind macroeconomics.
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You, Mr. President

Exciting simulation in a complex macroeconomic world.

You, Mr. President, have just been elected for four years and been given the tools to use your unusual amount of power over the direction of your country’s economy, currency, demographics, and even indirectly over the world-wide commodities market and thus over other national economies. The purpose of this simulation is not to reach any final destination but is the journey itself. The simulation, even if not identical with the real world, should help to make you aware of the tactical knowledge required for running a large economy, as well as the challenges this poses. It should improve your current knowledge and test your strategic skills in keeping an eye on the “big picture”.
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The new version 2.2    New!
This new major update includes:

  • EU Option (activate/deactivate Maastricht criteria)
  • New Levels Easy - Challenging - Complex - Macroeconomic challenges from easy to complex
  • Basic/Advanced View - Simplified view for beginners. Advanced for professionals
  • User Interface & Algorithm Improvements
  • And much more...
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    Academia (Beta Version)

    Universities & Students

    Academic version for secondary and terciary education. Version for universities and students world-wide.

    Academia is an addition to our product portfolio to meet the strong demand for macroeconomic education for universities, schools, colleges all around the world. Economics is pivotal for students knowledge and this solution provides applied academic theory to facilitate the learning of this topic by students. view more


    Academia is FREE for the coaches (professors, lecturers, teachers). Students must purchase a license to access the class. There are licenses for one whole semester (6 months) or for a year (12 months).

    Purchase License

    Already have an Academia license?
    Login to Academia here

    Version Beta Tester Program Test Period!

    Coach & Student Licenses

    Beta Testers FREE Licenses

    This is the first public release of the new Academia software for universities and secondary education.

    Testers - University Professors/Lecturers (coach role) and invited students (simulation role) - are welcome and will be provided with a free 6 month license...All we ask: your invaluable feedback! We need this feedback to continuously improve the software ...for you! Coaches already have free access. Students require a test license.

    To join the tester program please contact Rolesia.com Sales here

    Our Product Line

     Rolesia.com Web Professional

    This is the world-wide-web version of the Rolesia.com software. The target customers are web users wanting to use the platform for entertainment or training purposes. Economic results can only be achieved through the soundness of a player/trainee’s economic policy. If your policies fail, your simulation will come to an end and you will become history. There is both a professional (paid) and free version.

    Professional version
    Free trial version

     Academia (Beta Version)

    Academic version for universities and secondary education students world-wide.
    Test the software until March 2016 for free.

    All major credit cards acccepted via PayPal

    Academia Version

     Rolesia.com Corporate (SaaS Version)

    This is a multi-tenant coaching version of the software for our corporate and public institution customers, taking their specific requirements into account. A coach and an unlimited amount of simulators can compete and experience macroeconomic principles in a closed environment.
    Companies and Governmental institutions use the Corporate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version.

    Corporate Version

     Rolesia.com Framework

    This version consists of the institutional version of the software, with all the factors, policies, algorithms, variables, frontend and backend left to the client to customize according to his needs.
    Companies and Governmental institutions can choose between the Framework Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version or a local installation on their intranets.

    Framework Version


    Version Updates

    2015 V 2.2

    Version 2.2 (June 2015)

    Major Update New requested features incl. Activation of EU Option / Maastricht Criteria, Multi-level strategies, standard and proficent view, as well as further algorithm improvements and overall enhancements and bug fixes.

    Version 2.0 (December 2014) was is the biggest release ever! Over 130 macroeconomic variables, a HTML5 multi-device friendly frontend, enhanced more intuitive simulation, iOS friendly graphs, multi-graph scenarios, simulation options (e.g. random numbers, quantitive easing) and so much more.
    The corporate Framework version is finally on offer for our institutional customers (US FED, ECB, Consulting companies, etc.) requiring a simulation framework for both internal and external market purposes.

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