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Rolesia.com Framework

Rolesia.com Framework

The Rolesia.com Framework version consists of the instutional version of the software - ideal for larger companies and governmental institutions), with all the factors, policies, algorithms and variables left to the client to customize according to their specific requirements. The customer can decide what the platform and all its modules looks like.

This product requires a lot of effort to customize and is only recommended for customers who feel that the current product does not cover their overall needs. We offer consulting services to coordinate project activities and for the implementation.

+ The Rolesia.com team will support and consult you with your special requirements:

     - Consulting
     - Project Management activities
     - Senior Software & Business Logic Engineers
     - Infrastructure Requirements (Cloud vs. Local Server, Intranet)
     - Customized Support Packages

+ Hosting Packages (according to your required Service Level Agreemnts)
+ Training Services

Thank you for supporting us!

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