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 Version 2.0
Professional & Corporate versions Go-Live on December, 1st 2014!

October 19, 2014:

Dear Customers, the new professional and corporate version of Version 2.0 have been completed and the pilot phase will be initiated. The versions include both a professional version for all customers and a multi-tenancy and multi-player corporate version for corporations and governmental institutions. Due to migration activities we cannot accept any new customers for Rolesia V1.x. The planned Go-Live is December 1st, 2014. We will keep you posted.

Simulation & More...

Rolesia is a web-based macroeconomic simulation which has been in development since 2003.
Rolesia is a free, fun and strategic economy web simulation for all who enjoy strategy simulations, and for all wishing to discover and understand the policy tools on offer to Governments and Central Banks around the world. The purpose of the software is to help the world-wide population understand the complexity of the world economy, and also to understand the power behind governments’ fiscal and the central banks’ economic monetary policies. Helping to improve the world population’s knowledge is a small contribution towards empowering the people of this planet and strengthening democracy. The simulation can be perceived as an economy game based on a virtual economy.

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You, Mr. President

You, Mr. President, have just been elected for four years and been given the tools to use your unusual amount of power over the direction of your country’s economy, currency, demographics, and even indirectly over the world-wide commodities market and thus over other national economies.

The purpose of this simulation is not to reach any final destination but is the journey itself. The simulation, even if not identical with the real world, should help to make you aware of the tactical knowledge required for running a large economy, as well as the challenges this poses. It should improve your current knowledge and test your strategic skills in keeping an eye on the “big picture”.

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Curious? Check the DEMO

Click here and log-in to the application. You can look at the simulation without having to create an account. If you are convinced you can either choose our FREE version or our advertisement-free version WEB Professional.

Free Demo 30 Days Account will continue to be available for free for 30 days. Have fun with the free economy simulation game!



Software Updates

Version 27 July 2011

July 1st, 2011

A minor release bettering version 27. Small tweaks and improvements have been made. is now has over 200 DEMO customers. Customers can continue to access the simulation by registering and using our ROLESIA WEB STANDARD FREE version. The PROFESSIONAL version will not be available until 2012

Version 27

December 28th, 2010

A major release to version 27. User friendliness has also been the main priority in this new version. The algorithms have been improved and with the new version it is now possible to take interest rates off the "auto pilot" and control them manually.
DEMO customers can now create a new simulation without having to order a new DEMO license. This makes it possible to continue simulating with the same ID. DEMO customers continue to enjoy 30 days of free simulations :)
Outlook Version 28: Quantitive Easing (Money Printing), further improvements and features. The professional version will be available in 2011.
Engine: V27.20101228 is being tested by over 40 beta users and 100 DEMO customers. Customers can continue to access the simulation by registering and using our ROLESIA WEB STANDARD FREE version. The PROFESSIONAL version will not be available until 2011

Version 26

February 21st, 2010

A major release to version 26. User friendliness has been the main priority in this new version. Instead on 4 phases there are now only 3. The goal is to make the economic simulation as understandable as possible for all customers.
Engine: V26.20100221 is being tested by over 40 beta users. Other customers can access the simulation by registering and using our ROLESIA WEB STANDARD FREE version. The PROFESSIONAL version will not be available earliest July 2010

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The Author - The mind behind the simulation

Dear Customers, welcome to! The software is the result of many years of research. The implementation in form of a world-wide accesible software is my personal life project. My name is Anthony Atherton and I really would appreciate any comments, feedback and constructive criticism. Please find our more about the author here:

The Author

Rolesia Web
This is the world-wide-web version of the Rolesia software.
The target customers are web users wanting to use the platform for entertainment or training purposes.
Economic results can only be achieved through the soundness of a player/trainee’s economic policy.
If your policies fail, your simulation will come to an end and you will become history.

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Rolesia Corporate
This is a stand-alone version of the software for our corporate and public institution customers, taking their specific requirements into account.
The questions a company needs to ask itself are:

- How can managers make the right decisions if their knowledge is mainly in the field of microeconomics?
- How can the state of the economy affect the results of this company?

Companies and Governmental institutions can choose between the Corporate WEB version or a local installation on their intranets.

More information
Rolesia Framework
The “Framework” version consists of the corporate version of the software, with all the factors, policies, algorithms and variables left to the client to customize according to his needs.
The customer can decide what the platform itself looks like and can also customize all the modules that are to be part of the training process.

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